Case Study. Not only optimal for the Fair.

Together with our partner Modular Systems, modules specially made for the customer were configured until the desired result was achieved.


The goal

Only one mast for the illumination of the entire exhibition stand!


The solution

Mast height 6 meters equipped with:
6 modules and 90° in the outer ring solidified with flexible connectors.
6 modules with 120° beam angle in the inner ring - for a good basic illumination!


The result

A total of 78,000 lumen.

The Modular System light pole or MS Highlight and its versatile possibilities

The light pole developed in cooperation with Modular Systems achieves a power of 600 watts, with which it generates up to 78.000 lumens of light output. It’s sold exclusively by our partner Modular Systems. 

The light pole in action

The intuitive and simple design of the mast is just one of the advantages of the MS Highlight. In this video you can see, how the structure and the lighting of an area looks like: 

Case Study. Skihalle Neuss

The goal of the installation of the BeeLights was the evenly illumination of the pistes and the atmospheric lighting of the snow. 

In order to achieve this goal, a total of 8 BeeLights was the evenly illumination of the pistes and the atmospheric lighting of the snow. 7 moduleswere installed in the hall. Each module generates 45,500 lumens and illuminates the Skihall at a beam angle of 45°. The hall is now illuminated with a cold white light of 4500° - 5000° Kelvin. The systems were installed in cooperation with the technical team of the Skihall.

All parties have been satisfied by the ease of maintenance and the ease of installation. 

There’s a snowballs chance in hell to not see other Skiers! Schnee von gestern!

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