Leasing Concept

Leasing concept by Necop

Flexibility is very important in our modular system. You will only get more flexibility through financing that is perfectly tailored to your needs. The leasing concept is another form of purchasing the BeeLight modules. When you switch to the economically and ecologically more efficient LED technology, considerable investments will be made depending on the size of the project. One possible solution to avoid paying all the costs in one go is the leasing concept of the LED’s. During the entire time of your leasing concept you get a guarantee on the rented bulbs. Thus, within the first year a saving is already possible.

In addition, you not only lower your energy consumption costs, but also reduce your CO2 emissions. At long last let your wallet and the nature breathe! 

Of course, the best comes last. After expiry of the lease purchase agreement, the installed system automatically becomes your property. If you are interested or have questions about the conclusion or method, please contact us. 

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Sustainability that pays off
Uncomplicated, customer-oriented and with a strong partner 

If you are not 100% sure in the planning and selection of your lighting concept, we will help with the decision-making. We create a lighting plan based on your ideas and take over the lighting design for you with the help of sketches and blueprints.

While we are assembling your new energy-saving lighting system, you can sit back and relax. So feel free to ask us!



First of all, we will analyse the existing lighting system. This gets done without you spending anything. On the basis of the energy-saving potentials found, we move on to the next point ...



After the system check, a lighting plan is created on the basis of the discovered saving potentials. Individual requirements for luminosity, angle, etc. will get jointly worked out with you. 



We disassemble your old lighting system and then install your new energy-saving LED lighting system. If problems occur after the installation, the warranty applies and we take care of the malfunction. 

The benefits of the leasing concept

One supplier

Since you get everything from one source, you always have the same contact person. This applies to faults, assembly, lighting planning, etc. 

Project coordination

The external project coordination, which we will take on, will be adapted to your requirements. On the other hand we will realize it. 

Cost reduction

After installing the new LED lighting system, you will be able to register an immediate consumption cost reduction. 

Finance selection

The financing options for the leasing concept are flexible. There are several options available, from which you can choose.
denen Sie Gebrauch machen können. 


We offer you an individual contract design, which is based on the operational conditions of use. 

Warranty period

Throughout your contract, you have a warranty on the bulbs that will later become yours. 

Protect your liquidity

Due to the installment payment, larger sums are not calculated in one big payment. This keeps your liquidity flowing.


We arrange the expense account for you. 

Planning of the lighting ...

In addition to the standard configurations, there are no limits to your creativity for this unique lighting system.

... for your project.

Adjust the system easily and simply, together with us to your requirements.
This is how you achieve the optimal illumination, which we can calculate and present through a lighting plan.

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