Designed by nature, made for performance

The BeeLight module is based on one of the smartest and most stabile shapes in the nature: The Hexagon. The name BeeLight derives from the honeycomb form of the module. This shape is variable and is perfectly build to be modified.

The honeycomb shape allows the possibility to connect modules on every side of the system. The luminosity grows with every connected module.

The intention behind the BeeLight construction kit is to create a Light for every situation. For all purposes there should just be one system, to avoid searching for the one source that would be up to the task. Our BeeLight module system is so versatile and qualitatively produced, that it can be used in nearly every purpose. In the developmentphase with by Necop we focused on the selection of the single components. This includes the Meanwell Driver, the 3030 Philips-chips and the use of 99,3% aluminium casing.

Because of the uniformity of the Lighting system, the maintenance gets a lot easier. The installation and build up of the BeeLight module is even easier.

Basics of the concept


Every module can be equipped with one of two high quality LED-Chips. You get the choice to select a Philips 3030 or a Nichia Chip. These are configurable in regards of light color and beam angle.

Thermal conductivity

Because of the formidable thermal conductivity and the fitting Driver, the heat stress reduces to a minimum. This leads to an increased lifespan of the module and increased savings on your side.

Intelligent system

The intelligent control system possesses the ability to adept to various voltage ratios, so it can ensure a balanced supply voltage of the LED-Chips. This not only increases the lifespan of the modules, but also guarantees the perfect luminosity at every time.

Unique Design

Every module receives a special surface treatment. This treatment and the unique hexagonal shape create an extraordinary industrial design. Because of that shape, the modules can be easily connected. This way, every customer receives a tailor-made product.

Excellent color reproduction

Because of the fastness of the BeeLight module, every chosen colour will be correctly represented on any chosen surface. The pleasant light of the LED-module also doesn’t exhaust the eyes as easily. This on the other hand increases the own performance and endurance.

Plant lighting

Plants are more susceptible to the wrong Light colors than the human eye. This specific BeeLight module got a colour range of blue and red-hues, which is much more suitable for the plants growth.

The colour range of the lamp is optimized for the plants and imitates natural conditions. This lighting isn’t suitable to illuminate a household.

On demand

Dimmable via App/ Bluetooth/ Radio/ Smart control

Via a special adapter the modules become dimmable. Via app you can control and set an Day- or weekplan, for example for the lighting of a stadium or an production hall.


The modules are available as RGB-lamps inclusive an smart control. Its possible to set daily or weekly routines. This is perfect for all Situations, which call for colour and performance.
The modules are available as RGB-lamps inclusive a smart control. Its possible to set daily or weekly routines. This is perfect for all Situations, which call for colour and performance.

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