The Concept
module many possibilities

Learn more about the unique, worldwide-patented lighting system BeeLight. It’s a new brand of LED lighting based on single modules, which can be composited. It allows you to create a multitude of different lighting systems.

BeeLight is a hexagonal LED-Modulesystem. The name BeeLight originated from the form of the honeycomb. The single modules can be connected into a whole system. Every single module can be configured on your own terms and visions.

The modules can be used in different Locations and Area, because of their high variability. The waterproof IP65-Connections provide that they work outside and under adverse weather conditions.

To the concept

The Configuration
Multifaceted and efficient

Every module got the hexagonal form of the honeycomb. Because of the form, its expandable to all of his six sites. Create Headlights, lighting for fairs or parking spots with the variable modules with enormous luminosity and an easy maintenance.

Every single Module is configurable on his own. You can choose between the light colors: warm white (2700-3000k), neutral white (4000-4500k) and pure white (5000-6000k). Decide if you need an 17°/45°/90° or 120° beam angle. Every module possesses a luminosity of 6500 lumen. All of the BeeLight-modules can be connected waterproof under the IP65-connection. Easy, fast uncomplicated.

To the Configuration

What are the advantages of the System?


The BeeLight system isn’t bond to one particular form. It resembles a construction kit system.


It is efficient, because not every single module needs a voltage regulator.

High quality components

The corpus consists of 99,3% pure aluminium, equipped with 48 Philips or Nicha LED’s, which got 150 lumen per watt.

Maximal power

Optimal thermal management provides a longer lifespan, reliability and better performance.

More than just color

High quality and waterproof special paint.

Easy to maintain

Easy to maintain: every component is quick and easily replaceable.

The right voltage

The operating voltage of 48 volt allows putting greater distance between the components.


Three waterproof connection options for additional modules or the power supply.

A safe connection

The tapped holes guarantee a safe and flexible connection.

Inside and outside

The waterproof sealing of all components, including the connection cables and supply lines, guarantee a protection class according to IP65 standard.

Area of application

The variability and diversity of the BeeLight modules allow for a wider range of application areas. Some of them are…

Stadium lighting

The connections between the modules set the luminosity for the system. To illuminate a whole stadium, you need to connect a few BeeLights to get the preferred luminosity.

Traffic lighting

Especially in traffic you need a dependable and balanced lighting source. The BeeLight system and the waterproof connections can be exactly that. 

Fair / Shop / Event

To make the right decision while shopping is a task in itself. So why hamper the decision with bad light and a bad color reproduction? The BeeLights can help you with that. 

Industrial lighting

For the sake of safety, the illumination of the working space is indispensable. It guarantees fast and productive workflows within a reliable work environment. 


The BeeLight modules can even be used in your garden or in the office. Though the enormous luminosity need to be distributed in a smart way.

Logistics / Distribution

The right Light simplifies work processes. With a suitable lighting source, you can optimize these processes perfectly. 

Quality and Service

The BeeLight modules exclusively consist of high quality components. The configuration and quality control takes place in Germany. The priority lies on the quality of the products and the requests of our customers.

Each BeeLight module got a guaranteed light quality of > 80Ra, on demand even > 90Ra. On request we design your Lightingdesign, based on sketches and building/construction plans.

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